Lions District 201 T1

Tasmania, Australia

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Lions Tasmania
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The Secretary - Lions Tasmania

District T1 Club Directory (Tasmania)


Lions Club of Bicheno, PO Box 2000, Bicheno, 7215 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Beach Front Motel, Bicheno

Lions Club of Bothwell & Districts,  PO Box 12, Bothwell, 7030 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Central Highlands Council Building, Alexander St, Bothwell

Lions Club of Bridport, PO Box 7, Bridport, 7262 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday Bridport & Ex-Servicemen's Community Club, Main St, Bridport

Lions Club of Brighton Inc, PO Box 92, Brighton, 7030 - meets 3rd Monday, Old Council Chambers, cnr Midlands Highway & Cheyne St, Pontville

Lions Club of Burnie Emu Bay, PO Box 478, Burnie, 7320 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Burnie Civic Centre, Burnie

Lions Club of City of Burnie, PO Box 265, Burnie, 7320 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Burnie Civic Centre Braddon Hall, Wilmot St, Burnie

Lions Club of City of Devonport, PO Box 178, Devonport, 7310 - meets 2nd & 4th Thursday, Gateway Motel, Fenton St, Devonport

Lions Club of City of  Launceston, PO Box 306, Launceston, 7250 - meets 2nd & 4th Monday, Newstead Hotel, 160 Elphin Rd, Newstead

Lions Club of Clarence, PO Box 179, Rosny Park, 7018 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Howrah Recreation Centre, Howrah Road, Howrah

Lions Club of Deloraine, PO Box 240, Deloraine, 7304 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, British Hotel, Emu Bay Rd, Deloraine

Lions Club of Devonport Mersey, PO Box 770, Devonport, 7310 - meets 1st & 3rd Thursday, Gateway Motel, Fenton St, Devonport

Lions Club of Dodges Ferry, PO Box 211, Sorell, 7172 - meets 2nd Wednesday alternating between: Lewisham Tavern, Lewisham & Dodges Ferry Cafe & Bar, Main Rd, Dodges Ferry

Lions Club of Flinders Island, PO Box 87, Whitemark, 7255 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Various venues

Lions Club of Forth Valley, PO Box 319, Forth, 7310 - meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday, Bridge Hotel, Forth

Lions Club of George Town, PO Box 195, George Town, 7253 - meets 1st & 3rd Thursday, The Grove, Elizabeth St, George Town

Lions Club of Glamorgan, PO Box 88, Swansea, 7190 - meets 2nd & 4th Friday, Swansea Golf Club, Swansea

Lions Club of Glenorchy City, PO Box 59, Glenorchy, 7010 - meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday, The Club Rooms, 637 Main Rd, Berriedale

Lions Club of Hadspen South Esk, PO Box 44, Hadspen, 7290 - meets 1st & 3rd Thursday, Rutherglen Holiday Village, Hadspen

Lions Club of Hobart Town, GPO Box 784, Hobart, 7001 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (RYCT), Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay

Lions Club of Huon, PO Box 160, Huonville, 7109 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Huon Manor, Short St, Huonville

Lions Club of Kentish, PO Box 68, Sheffield, 7306 - meets 2nd & 4th Monday, Sheffield Hotel

Lions Club of King Island, PO Box 268, Currie, 7050 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, 1st Mon King Island Club. 3rd Mon Lions Club Rooms, Currie Harbour

Lions Club of Kingborough, PO Box 495, Kingston, 7050 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, Kingston Beach Golf Club, Channel Hwy, Kingston

Lions Club of Kings Meadows, PO Box 25, Kings Meadows, 7250 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday,Lions Club Rooms, 18 Merino St, Kings Meadows

Lions Club of Latrobe, PO Box 100, Latrobe, 7307 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, Shadow Cafe, Latrobe RSL, Gilbert St, Latrobe

Lions Club of Launceston Windmill Hill, PO Box 2, Launceston, 7250 - meets 2nd & 4th Thursday, East Launceston Bowling Club, Adelaide Street, East Launceston

Lions Club of Legana, PO Box 24, Legana, 7277 - meets 3rd Tuesday, Legana Community Hall, Fulton Street, Legana

Lions Club of Lilydale, PO Box 97, Lilydale, 7268 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Mary Walsh Centre, Main Rd, Lilydale

Lions Club of New Norfolk, PO Box 197, New Norfolk, 7140 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Lions Clubrooms, Willow Court, New Norfolk

Lions Club of North East Tasmania, PO Box 20, Branxholm, 7261 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, 1st Mon. Branxholm Hotel 3rd Mon. Winnaleah Hotel

Lions Club of Penguin, PO Box 98, Penguin, 7316 - meets 2nd & 4th Monday. Contact for venue.

Lions Club of Perth (Tas), PO Box 62, Perth, 7300 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Perth Community Centre, Fairlough St, Perth

Lions Club of Port Cygnet, PO Box 48, Cygnet, 7112 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Cygnet Hotel, Mary St, Cygnet

Lions Club of Port Sorell, PO Box 27, Port Sorell, 7307 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, 1st Wed. 6.30pm for 7pm. 3rd Wed. 7pm for 7.30pm Shearwater Country Club, Port Sorell

Lions Club of Queenstown, PO Box 246, Queenstown, 7467 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Queenstown Club, Orr St, Queenstown

Lions Club of Riverside, PO Box 102, Riverside, 7250 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, Launceston Football Clubrooms, West Tamar Rd, Riverside

Lions Club of Rocky Cape, 48 Pollards Road, Rocky Cape, 7321 - meets 4th Monday, Rocky Cape Tavern, Bass Hwy, Rocky Cape

Lions Club of Rosebery, PO Box 303, Rosebery, 7470 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Lions Den, Hollywood St, Rosebery

Lions Club of Scottsdale, PO Box 119, Scottsdale, 7260 - meets 2nd & 4th Monday, Lords Hotel, Scottsdale

Lions Club of Smithton Circular Head, PO Box 161, Smithton, 7330 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, RSL Club, Gibson St, Smithton

Lions Club of Sorell, PO Box 66, Sorell, 7172 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Lions Clubrooms, Station Lane, Sorell 7172

Lions Club of Spring Bay, PO Box 159, Orford, 7190 - meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday, Bluewaters Motel, Orford

Lions Club of St Helens, PO Box 68, St Helens, 7216 - meets 1st & 3rd Monday, Bayside Motor Inn, Cecilia St, St Helens

Lions Club of Tasman, PO Box 28 or 1367, Nubeena, 7184 - meets 2nd & 4th Thursday, Ex-Services Club, Main Rd, Nubeena

Lions Club of Ulverstone, PO Box 45, Ulverstone, 7315 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Best Western Bass & Flinders, 49-51 Eastland Drive, Ulverstone

Lions Club of West Tamar, PO Box 66, Beaconsfield, 7270 - meets 2nd & 4th Thursday, Red Ruby Restaurant, Beaconsfield

Lions Club of Westbury, PO Box 687, Hagley, 7292 - meets 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Westbury Bowls Club, 9 Franklin St, Westbury

Lions Club of Wynyard, PO Box 213, Wynyard, 7325 - meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday, Federal Hotel, Goldie St, Wynyard

Lions Club of Zeehan, PO Box 199, Zeehan, 7316 - meets 2nd Tuesday, Heemskirk Motor Hotel, Main Rd, Zeehan


Lioness Clubs

Lioness Club of Rosebery, PO Box 303, Rosebery, 7470 - meeting Last Wednesday, Lions Den, Hollywood St, Rosebery


LEO Clubs

Leo Club of Glenorchy City, PO Box 59, Glenorchy, 7010

Leo Club of Penguin, PO Box 98, Penguin, 7316

Leo Club of Launceston, PO Box 306, Launceston, 7250

Leo Club of Smithton, PO Box 499, Smithton, 7330